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About Wild Bloom Box

Firstly, thanks for being here and for taking the time to find out a bit more about Wild Bloom Box! I'm so happy you're interested in what we do. Here's my open account of how I got here; I don't know if it's the typical kind of spiel you'd expect to read on an About Us page, but I like to think that what I do isn't typical either.

When Wild Bloom Box was conceived, it was more out of happy circumstance than any conscious effort to create a business. In truth, I was in a bit of a personal rut; unmotivated by my office job, where my natural inclination towards creativity was hindered, living through a socially isolating global pandemic (COVID, I'm looking at you!) and at a bit of a crossroads in many regards. I think over the course our lives, many of us have felt this way at some point or another.

At the same time, and aside from this, I was making more intentional, conscious decisions about my purchasing habits, and finding it more and more frustrating that genuinely eco-friendly, affordable products weren't yet readily available on the high-street. Or if they were, I lacked choice, or the price tag was prohibitive.

So in a bid to re-discover my mojo, coupled with a desire to make more sustainable purchasing decisions, I started to make a few of these gifts for friends and family. I received some interest locally and as the requests grew, I eventually set up my little Etsy shop. The growth of the business and reviews I received blew me away. I received bestseller status on several of my gift ranges, which gave me the confidence I needed to keep growing.

I didn't have a marketing plan, a brand identity or much idea about where this was all going to go, but I did have one thing, and that was a real passion for what I was creating and for working with other independent, UK-based businesses in the process (scroll down on this page to find out more about them!) The more support I received, the more I could support others; a beautiful, small business eco-system as it were.

I converted my smallest bedroom into a little workshop and started to expand my product range. In 2021 I took my first corporate orders; working with clients to create unique, personalised gifts for employees, customers and events. I love adding the personal touches to what I do and creating something truly bespoke and special. You can definitely call me a perfectionist, and I hope this shows in what I create.

Finally I started to work on my own website, which takes us to where we are today. I'm so grateful to everyone who has enabled me along the way. Every single purchase brings a smile to my face and enables me to re-invest in what I'm doing. I can honestly say that I have my motivation back and more! So, thank you. If you have feedback or questions, I'd love to hear from you, so do reach out via our Contact page!

With Love From, Hannah @ Wild Bloom Box X

Meet the Creators

Wild Bloom Box is all about supporting other independent businesses, and celebrating high quality, hand crafted products.

I am fortunate enough to work with the below environmentally conscious, artisan creators, who are absolute masters of their trades. You can find their high quality products inside each one of my Wild Bloom Boxes.

Wild Bloom Box Creators:

Salvatore Tripi, Devon
A lovely, family run business who produce beautiful, natural products including our hand-picked lavender.

Clean and Green Natural Soap, Yorkshire
Natural, vegan, cruelty free soaps from Yorkshire, using the finest ingredients. Palm oil, SLS and paraben free.

The Bare Essentials, Northumberland
A variety of natural, eco-friendly, vegan skincare products. The Bare Essentials prides itself on only using 100% Pure, Raw and Natural ingredients.

Amari Makes, Peterborough
Luxury, handmade textiles, including the handstitched face cloths included in these gift sets. 2020 Finalist in the Peterborough Small Business Awards.

The Soap People, East Sussex
Create gorgeous, environmentally friendly soaps and shampoo bars, suitable for all skin types. Palm oil, SLS and paraben free.

Amorphous Soaps, London
Luxury, artisan soaps made with natural ingredients from the UK and unrefined olive oil from their family's own olive harvest in Corfu, Greece. Palm oil, SLS and paraben free.

The Funky Soap Shop, East London
Handmake a range of 100% natural ingredients using pure oils and butters, such as our delicious body butters.

Heavenly Organics, Wales
A husband and wife business, creating a range of organic, natural and vegan products.

Bubble & Bathe
An exciting range of eco-friendly bath products, including the gorgeous, floral shower steamers included in this set.

Bee Beautiful, Cumbria
A range of bath products including gorgeous, floral bath bombs. They're based in Cumbria and use only the purest of ingredients.

Olee Cosmetics, Essex
Handmade, natural skincare products and organic soaps. Eco friendly, vegan and cruelty free.

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