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Our Mission

Our key values and aims as a business:

- Keep our carbon footprint as low as possible by:

Abstaining from the use of animal products or by-products (with the exception of organic honey, clearly listed on any applicable products)

Using plastic free and/or recycled, biodegradable & compostable packaging

Purchasing products produced in the UK

Working with other businesses who share this value and manufacture in an environmentally conscious way (including the ingredients used & not used)

- Include only the highest quality products, free from nasty chemicals, SLS & parabens, suitable for all skin types.

- Support other environmentally friendly, independent, UK-based creators who are masters of their trades, to enable them to continue their work. The small business eco-system!

- Create a varied range of unique, affordable gifts with a focus on the details and special touches.

- We are strongly opposed to animal testing or harming of animals in any way. All of our products have been safety tested and comply with current legislation and safety regulations.

- Never stop listening to feedback, expanding our range and improving our service.

Thank you for being a part of our journey! X

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