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A4 Plantable Seed Paper – Printer Friendly


Our handmade seed paper is filled with a generous array of wildflower seeds. Once planted, it will grow into a beautiful selection of meadow flowers! Our paper is printer friendly, made in the UK from 80% recycled content & 20% wood pulp, providing a more sustainable and eco-friendly option. Ideal for card making, DIY wedding favours, shape making, kids crafts, party favours and more…!


Choice of pack size, from 100-200 sheets!

Weight: 220-250gsm approx. (printer-friendly!)
Size: A4
Material: 80% recycled cotton pulp, 20% wood pulp
Origin: UK Made
Seeds: Wildflower mix (full list can be provided upon request; examples include ox-eye daisy, birdsfoot trefoil, meadow buttercup, red campion, poppy, self heal, yarrow).

Hand-dried over several days, for higher germination rates.

*Please note: we do not accept responsibility for any damage to printers or machinery caused by loose seeds. Although we have not been made aware of any such damage, it is possible for small seeds to come loose, so we recommend dusting the sheets down prior to printing. Thank you*

How to Plant:
1. Fill a plant pot/tray to around ¾ with compost (make sure your pot has holes for drainage).
2. Lightly soak your paper in some water to moisten it.
3. Tear into smaller pieces.
4. Pop the pieces in your pot & cover with a little sprinkle of compost (not too much).
5. Keep watered (not too wet, or too dry!) and enjoy your flowers 😊

Choose Number of A4 Sheets

100 Sheets £120, 150 Sheets £160, 200 Sheets £198

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